Whole fish in parchment paper

Whole fish in parchment paper ready to cook, quick and easy, by Konstantinos Vasalos’ delicious recipes.

Sea world innovates and offers to you authentic sea flavors of the traditional Greek cuisine.

A wide variety of delicious, whole round marinated fish, traditionally packed in parchment paper, ready to cook in the oven. You simply place the parchment paper package in the oven and enjoy excellent homemade food.

All the fish in parchment paper are scaled, gutted and gilled. This means that after treatment, the fish are cleaned from scales, guts and gills.

whole fish in parchment paper

Baking in parchment paper

Baking in parchment paper comes from old times and touches our tradition. It combines a healthy way of cooking, simplicity in realization and beautiful delicious result.

We chose this method, we developed it further and adjusted it to our seafood products and demands of the modern way of cooking, creating unique products in fully compatible prices with the current economic situation.

whole fish in parchment paper

Inspired by tradition

All the fish in parchment paper are prepared one by one based on the cooking way of the traditional casserole.

Capturing the liquids of the vegetables and fish, the water evaporates and circulates within the parchment paper to its boiling point, at 100°C. The steam acts as a cooler. This way, no material (olive oil, fish) is cooked above 100°C, even the oven temperature is higher than 100°C. By this procedure the healthiest way of cooking is achieved and all the nutrients remain unsoiled. The baking temperature should not exceed 220°C, otherwise the parchment paper will be burned./p>

Just follow the cooking instructions for delicious whole round marinated fish cooked in their own juices.

10 strong points

  1. Homemade

    During the baking in the oven, but also when we cut the parchment paper package open, your house is filled with aroma and flavor of Greek tradition.

  2. Easy

    You simply place the parchment paper package in the oven and without effort and time enjoy delicious homemade food. A guaranteed cooking solution for those who don’t have the time to deal with cooking.

  3. Quality

    All fish in parchment paper are handmade and prepared one by one. The ready to cook whole round fish are highly nutritious, with top quality ingredients, without chemical and pigments.

  4. Clean

    The baking in parchment paper ensures even cooking and keeps the oven clear, without soiling the kitchen and other utensils.

  5. Immediate

    You have it available at any time in your refrigeration. This way you can have very quickly healthy food.

  1. Economic

    All meals are offered in prices fully compatible with the current economic situation.

  2. Variety

    The Whole Fish in parchment paper are available in a wide variety of delicious marinated fish, with basic ingredients of excellent quality fish.

  3. Branded

    Recipes signed by Sea world, edited by Chef Mr. Konstantinos Vasalos, one of the best and most experienced representatives of Greek gastronomy worldwide.

  4. Healthy

    The quality meets the healthiest way of cooking. All recipes are based on the balanced Mediterranean diet model.

  5. Natural

    The fish used live in their natural environment.

Pure materials of Greek land

The oil we use is extra virgin olive oil.

The spices and herbs are collected by hand, in the mountain range of Pindos, and are dried naturally.

Quality, safety, hygiene

The choice of raw materials and the production are made in the modern facilities of our company, according to the highest international standards.

Trip to innovation

The uniqueness, the innovation and the way of preparation of sea food meals in parchment paper are certified by the Industrial Property Organization as a patent.