Wide shellfish variety by Sea world, of exceptional quality and nutrition, for any cooking way.

Sea world has in its stores expanded range of shellfish, of excellent quality and nutritional value, in various sizes, in shell or peeled.








Sea world's shellfish are:


All shellfish are of exceptional quality raw materials and subject to continuous strict certified checks, throughout the production process, distribution and marketing.

Ready to cook

Shellfish are available in bulk, in various sizes, whole round, in shell or peeled, for any cooking way, without any further processing.


Shellfish are excellent source of protein, minerals and vitamins, low in cholesterol. They contribute to maintain body weight and protect cardiac function.


All shellfish are offered in competitive and consumer friendly prices.


  • They are offered in bulk, in various sizes, whole round, in shell or peeled.
  • They are source of high biological value proteins, rich in B3 and B12 vitamins and increase the "good" cholesterol. Shrimps' head are rich in antioxidants.
  • Minimum cooking time is required, depending on their size (4-6 minutes for frying, 5 minutes in grill, 7-10 minutes in casserole).


Mussels caught in the appropriate time, which means they are full of meat.

  • They are available in bulk, whole round, half shelled or just the mussel meat.
  • They have high nutritional value, they are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals, while containing low fat.
  • Mussels require minimum cooking time, until they open.


Lobster is the king of the sea, its meat is delicious and it is considered the most impressive and delicious gourmet dish. It is served in salads, roasted and mainly as lobster spaghetti. The lobster is highly nutritious, as is high in protein, minerals, low fat (especially Omega-3 fatty acids) and few calories.