Fish fillets

Fish fillets by Sea world, tasty and healthy, ideal for the whole family.

Fish fillet is the "cleanest" part of the whole fish.

A fish is considered filleted, if its head, fins, viscera, bones are removed and only its edible part remains.

Fish fillet consist ideal nutritional option for the whole family and especially for the children.

  • They are rich in vitamins (A, D) and minerals (calcium, phosphorus), essential for building tissue and the proper development of the human organism.
  • Their quality is guaranteed and contain no preservatives.
  • They are materials for delicious recipes, that help parents to place fish easier in their children's diet.
fish fillets

I choose Sea world's fish fillets because:

  • Sea world offers and extended range of fillets, promising to satisfy even the most demanding consumer.

  • Sea world, by meeting strict quality criteria in the selection of products, can guarantee that none of the fish fillets contain any additives-preservatives.

  • The prices of fish fillets vary so as to be reasonable to anyone.

  • They are ready to cook, without any further process. They can be fried, boiled, roasted and grilled.

  • Sea world stores offer the option to cut the fillets into pieces, according to the consumer's cooking way and his the particular preference.

  • Sea world's highly trained staff advice and guide you on the cooking way.

Variety and taste

Sea world stores offer the following fish fillets:

Atlantic Halibut fillet

Sole fillet

Salmon fillet

Pangasius fillet

Perch fillet

Hake fillet

Sargo fillet

Cod fillet

Redfish fillet

Hake rol