Authentic traditional Cod, with no compromises in quality, nutrition or taste.


Sea world's stores is the only retail network in Greece that offers in its stores light salted skin-on cod and light salted skinless cod.

Be aware

  • There are species that belong to the wider Gadidae family but they can’t substitute Gadus Morhua cod in quality, taste nor nutrition.
  • Disposing wet salted cod unrefrigerated is not allowed.

Gadus Morhua variety

Gadus Morhua cod is one of the best cod species in the world. It is of high quality and has great nutritional value due to:

It is fished in the North Sea, in Barents Sea (between Island and Russia), one of the cleanest and richest wetlands of the world.

It is longline fished near the coast throughout the year, except during the breeding season.

The elaboration is carried out with the most modern methods, to ensure an adequate degree of moisture and excellent organoleptic characteristics, so the cooking result is crispy and tasty.

In Sea world you will find genuine Gadus Morhua cod in the following variations:

  • light salted cod
  • light salted skin-on cod fillet
  • light salted skinless cod fillet
  • wet salted cod
  • wet salted skin-on cod fillet
  • wet salted skinless cod fillet

Light salted cod is being processed immediately on board without any addition of chemicals or perservatives.
Wet salted cod is salted traditionally in the company's modern facilities, maintaining its freshness and flavor.

History and tradition

Cod's roots originate way longer than cod was declared as Greek national food for celebrating Greek war of independence at March 25. There are legends about cod since the Vikings era, who managed to reach the other side of the sea by chasing cods and accidentally discovered the New World.

Later, Basque fishermen in Middle Ages commercialized cod and salted it. By salting cod the achieved to create a product with long life span and ensure food for their long journeys.

Cod arrived in Greece when Peloponnesians merchants exchanged raisins for large quantities of salted cod.