Cleaned fish

With their original freshness and all their nutrients, Sea world's fish, scaled and ready to cook.

In the effort to fill the needs of the modern lifestyle and diet, Sea world creates consumer friendly products, offering a wide variety of whole, scaled, gutted and gilled fish, ready to cook.

The fish, after process, are cleaned from scales, viscera and gills.

Why to choose Sea world's scaled fish:

Ready to cook

Guaranteed solution for those who don't have spare time to deal with the laborious process of fish cleaning. They are ready to cook, without any further process.

Clean kitchen

Scaled fish are cooked really quick, maintaining the kitchen clean - avoiding the mess created by scaling process - and your hands free from unwanted odors.


All the fish are grown in their natural environment. They are fished in Greek sea areas and the wider Mediterranean region with great depth and clear water. They are processed on board, inside modern fishing boats, or on land, in processing facilities.

Safety and Hygiene

The selection, cleaning and packaging of the cleaned fish is being in optimum hygiene conditions in Sea world's modern facilities and subject to continuous, strict, certified checks, ensuring a quality and healthy final product.

Variety in flavor

At any Sea world store you will find complete range of whole round scaled, gutted and gilled fish.

Pelagic sea bream


Pelagic black seabream

Pelagic dentex

Pelagic white grouper


Pelagic bream


Red mullets


Pelagic grey mullets