Sea world

The only Greek group of companies in seafood products.

“Sea World” was established 25 years ago when Vasilis Tsigaras and Dimitris Kondilopoulos, founders of the company, shared their mutual dreams and ambitions. At first they didn’t have in mind to create a business empire. They simply wanted to ensure that their business venture would be successful. Hard work, morality and principles combined with bold and innovative business moves, transformed their business from a small local company to the only Greek group of companies in seafood products.

The first step had been made in Karditsa, their hometown. In their technologically advanced facilities they apply standard specifications for the process and standardization of seafood products. In the same facilities are located the head offices of the company. The company has an expertise in processing seafood products and uses advanced technology and know-how. Also “Sea World” collaborates with international commercial houses in the field of processing and marketing seafood products. As a result the company invests constantly in its infrastructures.

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