From our first steps until our present success

Sea world, the strongest brand in Greek market commercing and retailing fish, seafood and tasty seafood meals, along with its delicious suggestions, through a network of branded stores, offers to the consumers and brings to their kitchen a comprehensive proposal of modern and proper nutrition, superior taste, excellent quality and of course healthy.

We are a Greek company with 25 years experience in processing, standardization and commerce of fish and seafood. Our strength, all these years, is our infrastructure. We started with a seafood standardization building and by strategically and consistently investing in our infrastructure, we accomplished a complete standardized factory for processing fish and seafood, an individual modern distribution center for all our products and our own fleet of refrigerated trucks, for the right and totally controlled distribution of our products to our branch network.

One of our strengths is our expertise too. Our daily contact with the main Greek fish auction markets and fish farms, and the information from our own and collaborating fish and seafood retail stores, located in 15 Regional Units of Greece, are clarifying the needs, habits, specificities and desires of the consumers from all around Greece. Therefore, we respond efficiently to consumer’s needs, we apply our new ideas with total success, and finally, we are integrating our fish and seafood products in their primary, daily food choices, while contributing to the reduction of the cost of living, without compromises in quality and proper nutrition.

We believe in ourselves, but we believe even more in…

The consumer

Consumers are regulating our actions. We make sure to offer satisfaction in low prices. We are evolving simultaneously with the individual needs, the specific circumstances of the present. We offer delicious, safe, healthy seafood products and innovative counseling service.

The human

Our employees and partners are the base and the backing of every branch of Thalassios kosmos' success. We are continuously developing and relying in a strong and trustful environment, conceding and awarding the contribution of our people, supporting always our partners (franchisees), while aiming to contribute ceaselessly to their progress, growth and prosperity.

The environment we are living

We feel obligated to protect our environment. We employ methods of production, distribution and marketing that reduce the ecological footprints of our actions and minimize our burden to the environment.

Responsibility and Integrity

We work in respect of the needs of consumers, employees, partners and our suppliers, paying daily effort to be worthy of their trust. At the same, we are honest, we apply transparent procedures and always act with moral and legal manner. We say openly our opinion, not hiding our thoughts and our actions verify our words and promises.

Our Society

We feel the need to pay back to the society, in which we live and operate, and to reciprocate the trust and the support that consumers offer us. We feel responsible for the local communities in the regions where we operate, proving our sensitivity with specially designed corporate sponsorship programs, donations, grants and public benefit activities.