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For people in Thalassios kosmos, franchise is not a system with weird technical terminologies, elaborated statements and great economic promises for the future. Franchise for us is our will to share our success, experience and expertise, and of course our plans and dreams for the future. This is what we want to share with our franchisees, who believe, like we do, that a financial investment is not something fancy, should not cost a fortune, but should respect the labors of lifetime and should improve the life of the investor.

A clear and detailed view of the of jobs (that you will ensure through your investment in a store), the total cost required to start up, your income, the deprecation and profit per month and year of store uptime, a view of our business strategy, of our supporting system and our partners that we will provide for your each move, for your investment. In particular (briefly), you can count on us from the beginning of your interest for all the following:

  • Support during the process of finding, evaluating and capturing the appropriate district and store.

  • Detailed plans and specifications for the store configuration, the supply and installation of equipment, planning, signaling and authorizing the store. Also, full provision and special prices for building the store.

  • Smart, integrated and effective corporate promotion and central marketing programs and support in specific local marketing issues.

  • Full support for the recruitment and picking the appropriate personnel. Integrated training programs for each new partner and his personnel and continuous know-how provision in technical education, customer service issues and sale techniques.

  • Continuous and effective guidance using tested supporting actions for the store being operated by experienced personnel. Organization and control procedures to ensure the high quality of the products and services, such as modern computer system, which has been developed to accommodate all the needs of the store.

We will be glad to listen to all your additional questions, whenever you want, give direct answers and come to a simple, without commitments, prior agreement, to take together the first formal step in a partnership, for your new business-professional activity.

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